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Compatible & Relevant

After eight months on the Application Development team, Shawn acknowledges the team dynamic as one that adapts, “they pick up any project and run with it, even if it’s out of their league, they will figure out how to do it”. He recognizes this ability as a beneficial skill for the team to have in their jobs, and within their industry, “the success of our team depends on their ability to adapt quickly to our environment, I believe in the software industry this changes too fast for them to not have that skill.”

Shawn notes his day-to-day workload is “full of meetings” and sees this as beneficial as they provide the opportunity to broaden a clients understanding of “what is possible for the average facility”. He believes the most important ability one can have in a rapidly changing industry is to stay “compatible and relevant”, though he admits it is a hard balance.

Shawn is a strong believer in IST culture, which he echoes, is a “one team, one voice” message. He believes he joined IST at an opportune time where he is able to see evidence of the message being adapted among the department and simultaneously lead by example in delivering that message.