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Welcome Mari!

Mari Penner is, by her own admission, “a people person who really wants to get to know people”. As a payroll and finance administrator, Mari gets to know people’s names and ids before she knows their faces, but after 3 months on AICT’s Finance and Administration Team, Mari is much better able “to match names with faces”.

Although Mari’s husband, Wesley worked at AICT before joining the University’s Digital Strategy department, she knew little about AICT other than it was all about IT. Working in payroll, processing timesheets, and answering payroll-related questions from staff, has given Mari a better understanding of AICT’s people, the teams they are on, and the services they provide to the University community.

Mari was born and educated in Japan. She has a Major in Business English and Business and combined both areas of her educational expertise by managing English schools and instructors for a company in Japan. When she and Wesley moved to Lethbridge about 10 years ago, Mari worked in payroll for the City of Lethbridge. She now puts her education and working experience to very good use at AICT.