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Welcome Jozef!

Jozef Kupnicki has always been the go-to person when it comes to IT help for his family, so it's no surprise that he has taken on the same role at AICT. As one of our Deskside Support Analysts, Jozef is part of a team that are the IT go-to people for several departments on campus. A typical day can consist of anything from troubleshooting Citrix connections to network connectivity issues to virus scanning and everything else in between! Jozef considers himself a cultural ambassador for the department—having the opportunity to visit many groups on campus regularly, offering them excellent IT service and spreading the cultural values of the department.

Graduating from the University of Alberta, with a B.Sc. in Computing Science and a minor in Business, Jozef also participated in the 16 month industrial internship program. It was during this internship, with the Faculty of Science, that Jozef had a chance to do a mix of computer programming and troubleshooting. He found that his interests were towards troubleshooting, working with servers and network infrastructure, rather than programming. After graduation, Jozef took on a system administration position with the Department of Physics before joining us here at AICT.

Jozef enjoys entertaining people and can usually be counted on for some laughs—he likes seeing the smiles on peoples' faces—so you know who to "go-to" for a chuckle and to get some IT help!