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Welcome Johannes!

Johannes Pauw may have taken the slightly scenic route to reach his destination, but luckily he's a "journey before destination" kind of guy. Starting out as a web developer, Johannes worked in the corporate industry for quite a while before deciding to go the independent route as a contractor. During this time, he realized that programming wasn't necessarily the path for him as he lacked the opportunity to interact with people. With that in mind, he took the leap and landed at the AICT Help Desk as an IT Support Analyst.

Born in South Africa, Johannes moved away with his family, at two years old, and grew up in St. Albert. He spent a couple of years studying here on campus, where the Computing Science courses jumped out at him, leading him to pursue his programming diploma at NAIT. Although new to providing IT support, Johannes is learning quickly and gaining skills in his field of interest—supporting clients.

Now, he has the opportunity to interact with people on a regular basis and feel like he's contributing in some way to the great work that those around campus are doing. Johannes is excited to be part of this organization and he looks forward to meeting all the people around campus that need IT assistance!