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Determined and Driven

Cheryl Earle envisions “finding a way to make the financial organization a service organization, more so, than just a repository of information”. And, as AICT’s Director of Finance and Administration she is well-positioned to do just that with the help of her team. Cheryl and her team, who cover finance, procurement and human resources for AICT, are “looking at what we do, and whether what we do, is adding value” to AICT and the University.

Before she began her career in finance, Cheryl studied Science at Dalhousie University. However, she enjoyed an economics elective so much that she switched her course of study and graduated from Dalhousie with a Business degree. She then studied to be a Chartered Accountant and received her CA designation. Later, because she “love[s] to learn and is curious about stuff”—and because she was working for a company that sells GIS software—Cheryl completed a post-graduate diploma in geographic information systems.

Cheryl has spent the past 25 years working in the private sector, mostly on the finance side of IT consulting and service organizations. She found moving into the public sector by joining the University of Alberta “pretty nerve-wracking” but it was not long before she knew she had made the right decision.

She has been impressed with the quality of AICT’s people, from her first meeting with its executive team, to working with her team who “take a lot of pride in what they do”. For Cheryl, a large part of job satisfaction comes from the people she works with each day. And, with AICT’s staff being so friendly and welcoming, her change of employment from the private to the public sector has been “a really easy transition”.