CHANGE: ESQ Power Shutdown - 2013/07/05 | Notifications | ITPulse

CHANGE: ESQ Power Shutdown - 2013/07/05

What is happening?
Enterprise Square's power will be shutdown to allow for high voltage testing of the building's electrical system.

Who will be affected?
Users within the building will be affected.  
What is the impact?
Affected users will be unable to access phones, networking and the University Wireless Service. Data Centre services will not be affected by this outage.
When will the change occur?
Start: 2013/07/06 23:00 – Testing and preventative maintenance will begin.
Test: 2013/07/07 07:00 – Testing will begin to ensure services are accessible. 
End: 2013/07/07 07:30 – The change will be complete.