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CHANGE: DSL Switch Maintenance - 2013/07/03

What is happening?
Routine maintenance will be performed on the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) switch that provides Internet service to some users. 
Who will be affected?
The following DSL users will be affected: 

  • Faculty Club
  • Alumni House
  • Ring Houses 1-4
  • Display Board Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex 2-013A
  • OneCard Point of Sale (POS) VanVliet W13
  • Stadium Car Park Parking Kiosk
  • Ellis Don (CME)
  • BioSci Second Cup POS
  • Natural Resources Engineering Facility 1132 POS (StarBucks)
  • Windsor Car Park
  • CEB B-48B Delnor Construction
  • Clark Builders (Glen Sather)

What is the impact?
Users will not have access to the Internet during the change. 

When will the change occur?
Start: 2013/07/04 22:00 – The maintenance will begin. 
Test: 2013/07/04 22:30 – Testing will begin to ensure Internet is accessible. 
End: 2013/07/04 23:00 – The change will be complete.