CHANGE: Switch Upgrade in Katz Center - 2014/09/03 | Notifications | ITPulse

CHANGE: Switch Upgrade in Katz Center - 2014/09/03

What is happening?
The network distribution switch located in the Katz Center will be upgraded to increase network stability and security.

Who will be affected?
Users in the following locations will experience intermittent wired network connection interruptions:

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Education
  • Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry in Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
  • Museums in Telus Centre
  • Physical Education in Education
  • Herbert T Coutts Library
  • John Scott Library
  • AHS-Peering in Medical Sciences Building
  • BioChem in Medical Sciences Building
  • CellBiology in Medical Sciences Building
  • Pharmacology in Medical Sciences Building
  • Native Studies in Research Transition Facility
  • Prairie Metropolis Centre in Research Transition Facility
  • School Public Health in Research Transition Facility
  • School of Public Health in Li Ka Shing and Research Transition Facility
  • University Wireless Service connections:
  • Campus Tower
  • Education
  • Education Car park
  • Nanuc
  • Sciences
  • Li Ka Shing Centre
  • Heritage Medical Research Centre
  • Zatz Center
  • Zeidler Ledcor Centre
  • Learnnet classrooms and labs:
  • Education
  • Medical Sciences
  • Katz Center
  • Telus Center
What is the impact?
Clients with a wired network connection at these sites will be unable to access network resources.
When will the change occur?
Start: 2014/09/03 22:00 - The network will be upgraded and equipment swapped.
Test: 2014/09/03 23:00 - Testing to ensure functionality will begin.
End: 2014/09/03 23:59 - The change will be complete.