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OUTAGE RESOLUTION: Classrooms in ECHA Closed - 2013/07/08

What happened?
Four classrooms on the lower level of the Edmonton Clinic Academy (ECHA) were temporarily closed due to minor flooding.

Who was affected?
Those attempting to use one of these classrooms were affected by this outage. Classrooms impacted were:
ECHA L1-135
ECHA L1-140
ECHA L1-150
ECHA L1-190.

What was the impact?
The affected users were not able to use the IT services in the affected classrooms.

What was timeline of the incident?
Start: 2013/07/08 16:10– An IT Support Analyst was alerted of the flooding and disconnected the power to the networks.
2013/07/08 19:00 – An investigation began to evaluate the classrooms for damages.
2013/07/09 8:30 – IT Support Analysts verified that the water had been cleaned up and that IT services in three of the classrooms were functioning.
2013/07/09 9:00 - Three classrooms were re-opened. ECHA L1-190 had more significant water intake. and required additional time to allow equipment to properly dry.
End: 2013/07/16 14:55 - ECHA L1-190 was reopened after it was verified that the equipment had dried out and that the audio-visual system was operating properly.

This outage information is based on the information available to AICT at the time this alert was drafted. More information about this outage can be found at www.aict.ualberta.ca or by contacting the AICT Help Desk at 780-492-9400 and will be added as it becomes available.