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OUTAGE RESOLUTION: eClass Live! - 2013/06/26

What happened?
A server that hosts the eClass Live! (powered by Elluminate) service experienced an issue.

Who was affected?
All eClass Live! users were affected by this outage.

What was the impact?
The affected users were not able to access the eClass Live! service.

What was the timeline of the incident?
Start: 2013/06/26 09:40 - Users reported an issue with eClass Live! services.
2013/06/26 10:10 – IT support analysts began working on the issue.
2013/06/26 12:45 – The root cause was identified.
2013/06/26 13:00 – Service was restored.
End: 2013/06/26 13:45 - Received user confirmation that services are functional.