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Video Delivery



Do you have a collection of audio, podcasts, or video that you want to share publicly or within the Open University methodology?  Create collections, tie them to industry standard categories and even define your faculty or department with meta data—making it easy for your visitors to find the media you wish to share.



YouTube for Education is another popular medium for you to share your media.  Making your digital media accessible to the public is easy!  When your digital assets have been uploaded, you can embed and share your videos across all the different platforms and mobile devices.



Do you need to control access to the digital assets you want to share?  Either for certain demographics, or lists of individuals, Vimeo can handle it!  Work with us to publish your assets, and setup access control so your videos are protected.  Perfect for sharing with small groups, or to control publication.

How to Access & Upload

If you would like to share content on any of the following video hosts, please contact the Help Desk.