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Sometimes the telephone is still the fastest and most reliable way to reach someone, especially in a pinch.  If you are a staff or a faculty member, it is likely that you are eligible for a phone—or perhaps you require a university issued cell phone.  In any case, you can call upon us for telephone equipment requests, phone number installations, moves, feature additions, and accessories.



Wired Telephones

It's nice to have your work phone separate from your private cell phone.  Calls go straight to your desktop—at work—as they should!  As long as you have a working telephone jack and can provide us with your room number and building location, we are happy to ring up your phone-related requests.


 Install. Remove. Move. Whatever you want with your phone/fax, we can manage for you.



 Call display. Call forward. Voice Messaging.  All are easily accessible and modifiable.


Optional Features

 We can set up a second line for you, as well as your voicemail menu.


Cell Phones 

We can get your staff hooked up with a university-issued cell phone and wireless Pay-Per-Use cellular plan (through Bell or TELUS). The Pay-Per-Use plan includes competitive rates for talk, text, long-distance and roaming. For more information, please read our FAQ about the Pay-Per-Use plan.

As of October 29, 2014 all corporate TELUS plans have been transferred to Pay Per Use billing. For plans that have not yet transferred to Pay Per Use (i.e., all Rogers plans), please refer to the following document for details on available roaming packages offered through Rogers.

For additional information on roaming and travelling abroad, view the guides below.


Travelling Abroad

Zone information from TELUS and Bell.



Long Distance

You need to project your voice—Sometimes across the country, or even overseas.  Long distance calling from campus allows you to do just that, provided you have an authorization code. 

In order to place a long distance call from a campus phone, you will need to punch in an authorization code.  You can obtain this code by getting in touch with your departmental contact. 

Time is money.  Find out just how much it costs for your voice to spend some time in the countries around the world.  The long distance rate for Canada and U.S is 1.4 cents per minute, rates for other countries can be found here. 

If you need help pushing the right buttons, you may want to look at our Dialing Instructions guide.


Audio Conferencing

Conference calling can allow you to host meetings with multiple individuals from all over campus, without having to decide on a location to meet. 

Standard University of Alberta telephones are able to handle up to six (6) connections, which means you can easily coordinate one call with six people in on the conversation. 

For instructions, please refer to our How-To Guides on using telephone sets on campus or contact our Help Desk at 2-9400. 

For conferences in larger spaces, we have a hands-free, high-quality Polycom conference master unit available for loan.  Just call 2-3923 and provide the time and date of your conference.



Your university voicemail can house up to 20 messages, each two minutes in length for only $3.18 per month. 

Additional (and optional) features are also available to you.  You can convert a message from voicemail into a digital audio file which is then emailed to you.  You can set up an alternate greeting, which is an extended absence greeting that blocks messages from being left until it is removed.  Additionally, you can give callers the option to press "0" to be redirected to another number.  To access or remove any number of these additional features, please touch base with your departmental contact.  Note that additional charges may apply. 

For more voicemail help, please view our Instruction Guide.


Get your phone equipment and accessory requests, directory updates, and billing information here.


Each department has its own telecommunications contact. Who are you going to call?


Contact us for advice on how to purchase or repair a headset for your telephone.


Access a directory of all U of A employees to easily look up the number you need to call.



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