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For IDQ questionnaires that are to be delivered online to GFC or EXTN classes that have only online instruction, it is sufficient to use the IDQ Requisition process to order the questionnaires with the additional instruction to us that the questionnaire should be delivered online (please indicate the date when the survey should be started and when it should be stopped).

The Online Requisition system has been updated to facilitate this process with the inclusion of a Face to Face check box.  By default, this box is checked since the majority of classes involve a face-to-face component where the use of paper-and-pencil questionnaires is the preferred method of administration.  For classes which do not involve a face-to-face component, a button is provided which is labelled "Deliver via Web".  Clicking this button causes a new window to open where you will be asked when the online survey should be made available.  When this window closes, the check box under Face to Face should now appear (automatically) unchecked.

E-mails will be sent from Web Surveys (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to each of the students registered in the class to tell them how to access the survey. Assuming that you have given us at least several days notice that you wish the above to occur, the instructor may expect that the survey will be available as requested and may want to contact the students to encourage them to complete the questionnaire. Given the usually low rate of responses to online surveys, such additional encouragement is recommended.

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