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We have acquired the Remark Web Survey® system for administering online surveys. This system addresses a number of concerns and problems we have experienced with other packages:

    • In compliance with University policy, the system and all associated data are stored in-house.
    • A significant amount of customizing is efficiently accommodated with the ability to “copy and paste” both text and graphics and alter question and response formats as we go.
    • Check-box questions allow acceptance of multiple (up to n, or check all that apply) responses to a single question with convenient organization of responses in the response-data file.
    • Multi-page surveys may be constructed with options to branch on the basis of responses to particular questions and to interrupt the survey for completion at a later time.
    • Surveys may be administered to groups that are not registered in the eClass system.
    • The disassociation of the survey (administered by TSQS) from other online activities should increase the comfort level of respondents concerning the anonymity of their responses.
    • Surveys are administered by e-mailing selected participants with an invitation to visit a specific url in order to respond to the survey.  An automated process is available to send reminders to those who have not responded by a particular date.
    • Data may be conveniently exported in a variety of file formats, e.g., Excel, SPSS.

Remark's website includes sample forms that illustrate some of the available options. The system consists of a designer component running under Windows and a server component which runs on our Web Server. It is set up to require that our staff implement the survey design and, then, publish it to the server.

Please refer to the Rate Schedule (in the Quicklinks) for fees associated with the use of our Web Survey services.

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