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USRI Search Tips

The search for reports begins with an option to sort the results by Instructor's Last Name or by Course Title. The result of the search will be a listing of all classes that meet your criteria. They will be sorted in the order that you have selected. You are then required to select the specific classes for which you wish to see the actual reports.

If you choose to search for results from more than one year, the list of classes will include an indication of the year. The year is not displayed if you are only searching for data from one year.

You are given the option of indicating some text for which to search. The search will be performed on the Last Name field or the Course Title field depending on the sort option that you chose above. Note that if, at any time, you press the Reset Values button on this page, the sort option is reset to its default which is to sort by Course Title. This may confuse you if you are searching for an Instructor's Last Name and don't notice the effect of resetting the sort option.

The search procedure assumes that the first character that you type will be the first character in the text for which you wish to search. If you wish to search for a specific course number, type the first one or two characters of the Course Title, leave a space, and then type the course number that you wish to locate. Note that typing a single digit for the course number does not yield only the courses beginning with that number. Instead, all courses having that number anywhere in their titles will be selected. For example, requesting a search for 'e 3' in the Faculty of Arts will return all Economics and English courses at the 300 level but also courses such as ECON 213 and ENGLISH 105 LEC A3.

Selecting a Faculty and/or a Department in which to search will reduce the number of classes that will be located and may speed up the search process. However, selecting a Faculty and then selecting a Department which is in that same Faculty will slow down the process. The results returned will be for the whole Faculty just as though you hadn't selected the Department as well.

The number of instructor/class names that will be displayed as a result of the above search has been restricted to 500. This means that a search that only asks for the classes in a particular Faculty will not produce the complete list for the larger faculties. A search by faculty should probably be combined with a search based on the first few characters of the name of a course or instructor.

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