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Different rates are charged for test scoring & questionnaire services depending on the source of funding. University rates are offered to clients when the bill is to be debited against a University-administered account. Bills paid in any other manner are assessed the External rate. Current rates are as follows:

Item Unit University External
IDQ Questionnaires Each 0.17 0.17
Operator Time Hour 27.00 36.00
Scanning Charge Sheet/Booklet 0.06 0.08
Booklet Charge Sheet 0.01 0.01
Analyst Time Hour 60.00 60.00
Reports Printed sheet 0.20 0.20

A minimum of 10 minutes is assessed for each occasion of each activity.

Operator Charges:

Charges for operator time are assessed for
  • creating IDQ questionnaires (when the client does not use the Online Requisition system)
  • scanning answer sheets
  • generating reports (beyond the first set that is normally included in the scanning charge)
  • routine processing of Web Surveys.
Beyond the minimum charge, operator time can be inflated by the following situations:
  • Generation of IDQ Questionnaires:
    1. unusual requests such as producing a questionnaire containing many unique questions
    2. submitting separate requisitions for each class
    3. requisitions causing uncertainty that require a number of phone calls in order to discover what is being requested.
  • Scanning Time:
    1. poorly marked forms including those using liquid pens, miscoded id-numbers, cross-outs rather than erasures
    2. jobs submitted in disarray, e.g., forms not oriented in consistent direction, damaged forms
    3. use of the MRSCOR program.

Scanning Charges:

Use of the term 'booklet' refers to documents that consist of 2 or more sheets that are processed as a single entity. Booklets are assessed the basic scanning charge plus one cent for each sheet comprising the booklet.
Volume discounts are offered for the scanning charges of single-sheet documents based on the total number of sheets scanned for a given account within each month:

first 5000 sheets 100% charge
second 5000 sheets 75% charge
excess of 10,000 sheets 50% charge

Typically, up to 400 sheets can be processed in 10 minutes. Large jobs requiring minimal operator intervention are processed at approximately 4000 sheets per hour.

Web Surveys:

Analyst rates are assessed for designing web surveys that are deemed non-routine while operator rates are assessed for those that build on existing templates, i.e., are simple modifications of surveys that have been created earlier. New (non-routine) surveys will usually require 2 or more hours of analyst time. In addition, operator rates are assessed for e-mailing reminders and for downloading responses from the web server. The scanning sheet charge is applied for each response record that is retrieved.

BrainSpan Item Analysis:

Operator rates (normally, minimum charge) are assessed for running the Item Analysis program on BrainSpan data files. If a hard copy of the report is requested, the printed sheet charge is also applied.

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