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Team Teaching Format

As illustrated in the example below, a special format is available in the IDQ system to support evaluation of courses which involve multiple instructors. The questionnaire is arranged such that the questions that apply to the overall course appear first. These are followed by questions that apply to the instructor. Instructor-related questions are repeated for each instructor involved in the course.

This format

    • avoids burdening students by asking the same course-related questions multiple times
    • avoids generating confusing reports about the course, per se, which could result from differing responses to the course-related questions appearing on duplicate questionnaires
    • reduces the costs of generating and processing the questionnaires
    • draws attention to the idea that the number of questions asked about a particular instructor should decrease as the number of instructors increases.

A convention employed in this layout is that we skip down to the top of the next 5-line grid on the IDQ form before printing the questions for each instructor. This means that 5 lines of questions will use the same amount of space on the form as a single question while 6 lines of questions will require the same amount of space as 10 lines. This convention needs to be taken into consideration when anticipating how many instructors (how many sets of the repeated questions) can appear on a single questionnaire.

To obtain questionnaires in the team-teaching format, please complete the Item Requisition Grid on the IDQ Requisition form by providing the list of question numbers arranged in the appropriate order, i.e., by first specifying the course-related question numbers and then the instructor-related question numbers. Indicate which questions are to be repeated for each instructor and then provide the list of instructor names that are to appear on each questionnaire.

When these questionnaires are processed, the data are separated such that a separate report is generated for each of the instructors appearing on the questionnaire. Results for the common, course-related questions are included on each instructor's report.


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