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Technologically enhanced classrooms for education.

Teach and Learn in Style


Smart classrooms are electronically enhanced lecture theatres and classrooms, creating new opportunities in teaching and learning by integrating computer, multimedia, and network technology. Find a room with the technology you need, or get training to use our equipment!


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Experience hands-on learning in a computer lab.

Live in a Lab of Luxury

labComputer use is a crucial component of education, and we strive to create a computer lab environment that helps students and staff with education and research alike. No matter your operating system of choice, we can accommodate you with our 38 PC labs, 8 Macintosh labs, and 3 UNIX labs.

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Settle your scores with us.


That’s what we do—From general test scoring to survey data collection and general data-entry activities, we pride ourselves on accurate, cost-effective, timely results. We can generate and process surveys, census forms, election ballots, and more.

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Upgrade to the best without the expense.

We're Softies for Your Software Needs


 We negotiate and obtain volume and site licensed software contracts from a variety of software suppliers to bring you the products you need. Keep yourself and your department up-to-date with the latest software—Heavily discounted, and sometimes free!

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Powerful resources to get your research done.

Cluster Here for HPC Resources


Proudly providing the best HPC resources in Canada: A new SMP Ultraviolet 1000 with 2048 cores and 16TB of RAM, Numerical and Statistical Servers to serve your research, and visualization services to lend eye candy to your data.

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